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Bontrager Cycling Shoes | October 2019

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Why Ride With Cycling Shoes?
When you pedal in cycling shoes rather than sneakers, you’ll feel more comfortable and transfer more power from your body to the bike. All cycling shoes are designed with stiff soles, which aid in that power transfer and also help you avoid hot spots on the bottoms of your feet. Clipless, or clip-in, cycling shoes safely connect you to your pedals, allowing you to maintain control and contact with your bike through the entire rotation of your pedal stroke. 

Which Cycling Shoe is Right for Me?
Cycling shoes are as varied as the bikes and cyclists to which they are matched - there are models made for road and mountain riding, daily commuting, indoor spinning, and more. 

Stiffer, smooth soles with wider, 3-bolt cleats are characteristic of road and triathlon shoes. These shoes are great for performance but not ideal for walking around pre- or post-ride. Mountain, cyclocross, and commuting shoes also feature a stiff, rugged sole but typically have a recessed 2-bolt cleat that makes it easier to hop off of your bike and travel by foot, whether you’re running through the woods, grabbing a coffee, or arriving at your office. 

Indoor cycling shoes are also designed to be walkable with grippy treads that allow you to stroll around the spin studio or your home without scratching up your floor (or ending up on the floor). If you’re attending spin classes in our neighborhood, we highly recommend a pair of high quality shoes to help you make the most of your efforts. 

Bontrager Solstice & Vella Shoes
Here in Chicago, our days of pleasant outdoor spins are dwindling until the return of spring, and an excellent way to stay in shape all winter long is through challenging and fun spin classes. Both the Bontrager Solstice cycling shoe and the Bontrager Vella women’s cycling shoes are perfect fits for spin, and they can also be used for commuting, longer outdoor rides, and casual cruises when you feel like getting a breath of fresh air. 

These models both deliver the performance of a cycling shoe with a stiff sole and 2-bolt cleat system, and they are also both walkable and a bit more fashion-forward than some of the high performance road and mountain shoes on the market. Reserve your pair online or come in and visit us today to find the fit that’s ideal for your cycling goals.

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