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2016 Trek Madone
2016 Trek Madone
2016 Trek Madone
2016 Trek Madone
2016 Trek Madone
New Trek Madone July 1 2015
Innovation & Superior Performance
When we discuss our favorite new products, the Trek Madone is a no-brainer. And, the entire line-up is so awesome that we couldn’t pick just one model. Every new Madone delivers unparalleled aerodynamics and superior ride quality - we’re simply blown away by how fast and how comfort these new road machines are!

The all-new Madone is a marvel in road cycling engineering, a bike that will transform the standards of race bike performance forever. If you’re looking for a cruiser for slow, casual jaunts, this isn’t the bike you need. If you crave face-melting speeds, unbelievable handling, and unprecedented efficiency, this is exactly the bike you need.

2016 Madone
Starting $5999.99

KVF aerodynamic advantage

90mm-Wide Bottom Bracket

IsoSpeed Decoupler

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