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The products that we love and can't let go of.

Staff Picks

We’re obsessed with cycling, and we spend the majority of our waking hours discovering, exploring, and testing anything and everything that has to do with our passion for two wheels. With an endless stream of new cycling-related products hitting the market every day, it’s our pleasure to do the dirty work, find the best of the best, and share our carefully curated list of Staff Picks with you here.
We hope that you enjoy our reviews, and we encourage you to visit us in the shop to get your hands on our latest picks. Of course, we stand behind everything that we sell, and we’re always here to help you get the gear that’s perfectly suited for your cycling goals.

Trek Domane SL 6 Disc

2019 Trek Domane SL 6 Disc | January 2020

Who Says You Can't Have It All?

Speed. Comfort. A super sweet deal. That’s what you get with the Trek Domane SL 6 Disc, a performance carbon fiber road.... (read more)

Trek Precaliber Kids' Bikes

Trek Precaliber Kids' Bikes | December 2019

Kids' Bikes, Dialed

Do you remember your first bike? The sense of freedom and adventure they provided as kids were unparalleled. That is why we... (read more)

Bontrager Cycling Shoes

Bontrager Cycling Shoes | October 2019

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When you pedal in cycling shoes rather than sneakers, you’ll feel more comfortable and transfer more power from your... (read more)

Trek Verve+ 2

Verve+ 2 | September 2019

Boost Your Daily Cruise

Open up a whole new world of cycling possibilities with the Trek Verve+ 2 e-bikes. Available in both low-step and... (read more)

Bontrager RT Flare Rear Light

Flare RT Rear Bike Light | July 2019

Ultimate Daytime Running Light

The Flare RT has specifically designed focus, flash, and range for ultimate daytime visibility... (read more)

Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

Bontrager WaveCel Helmet | June 2019

You Only Get One Brain

We are excited to introduce Bontrager WaveCel as this months staff pick. WaveCel is a revolutionary helmet technology that has been... (read more)

Trek FX 2 Disc

Trek FX 2 Disc | May 2019

Get Fit On The Go

Get where you need to go and get fit at the same time. The Trek FX 2 Disc is built to give you the best workout with the greatest of... (read more)

Trek Speed Concept

Trek Speed Concept | July 2018

The Fastest in the World

Trek's fastest bike just got faster. Utilizing engineering inspired by rocket science, the Trek Speed Concept is built for speed... (read more)

Bontrager Interchange Deluxe

Bontrager Interchange Deluxe | April 2018

Leave Nothing Behind

Never leave on another ride without everything you need. The Bontrager Interchange Deluxe boasts a capacity of 700 cu that expands... (read more)

Bontrager Cortado

Bontrager Cortado | 11.01.17 

No-Slip, No-Trip 

Finish a road ride and stroll into the coffee shop like you own the place with the stiff-yet-walkable outsole of Cortado women's... (read more)

Bontrager Ion 350

Bontrager Ion 350 | October 2017

Light Up The Night

With the proper lights, you can ride all day and into the night. Lights make sure that you can see and be seen by motorists and... (read more)

Trek Zektor

Trek Zector | 07.20.17

Love the Daily Grind

The daily bike commute is dominated by speedsters and cruisers. The Trek Zektor flies down the middle, providing the... (read more)

Bontrager MIPS Helmets

MIPS Helmets | 03.28.17

Safeguard Your Smarts

We admit that helmet technology is not the most exciting topic (although we do think that MIPS is pretty fun to say)... (read more)

Trek Stache 5

Trek Stache 5 | 02.01.2017

You Decide the Destination

To call the Trek Stache 5 “just another mountain bike” would be doing it a great disservice, as this thing was truly meant... (read more)

Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge 820 | 11.09.2016

Cycling Intelligence

Few devices out there can claim to function as flawlessly as a Garmin does. The GPS company’s attention to both design and... (read more)

Bontrager Solstice Jersey

Bontrager Solstice Jersey | 07.20.2016

Back to Basics

Every cyclist needs a few affordable, comfortable jerseys in his or her closet, ready to throw on for a casual spin or a training ride...... (read more)

Bontrager Ballista Helmet

Bontrager Ballista Helmet | 04.04.2016

Ready For Launch

There are a lot of aero road helmets on the market, but we’ve declared the Bontrager Ballista the current winner... (read more)

Trek Émonda ALR 4

Trek Émonda ALR 4 | 02.15.2016

Eat Your Cake, Too

Whoever said that “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” clearly hasn’t ridden the new Trek Émonda ALR 4... (read more)

Trek 1.2 C

2014 Trek 1.2 C | 10.15.2015

Affordable Luxury

Sometimes we love a product for its uniqueness. Sometimes we love a product for its jaw-dropping innovation... (read more)

Bontrager Flare R

Bontrager Flare R | 09.15.2015

Be the Center of Attention

We all know that lights are essential when you’re riding between dusk and dawn.However, most cyclists, even... (read more)

Trek Madone

New Trek Madone | 08.13.2015

Superior Performance

When we discuss our favorite new products, the Trek Madone is a no-brainer. And, the entire line-up is... (read more)

Village Jersey

Village Cycle Jersey | 07.03.2015

Coolest Jersey in the Windy City

We admit that we’re a little biased on this one, but we’re smitten with our Village Cycle Center Chicago jerseys... (read more)

Bontrager Flash Charger Pump

Bontrager Flash Charger | 06.13.2015

Going Tubeless Gets Easier

Tubeless tires are the bee’s knees (who doesn’t love fewer flats and better ride quality?), but until we discovered... (read more)