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Mission Workshop The Vandal Expandable Roll Top Backpack

Mission Workshop The Vandal Expandable Roll Top Backpack
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The Vandal
Expandable Roll Top Backpack

The Vandal backpack features a weatherproof main compartment which can be used in either "roll-top" mode, or in a traditional "flap-down" configuration. A key feature of the Vandal backpack is it's ability to quickly double in size from 1,800 to 4,000 when needed for extra cargo carrying capacity.

The Vandal also features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and a carbon fiber reinforced internal frame suspension system. Front zippered pocket fits most 15in laptop computers or any tablet, a 17in laptop can fit in the rear rolltop compartment.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.


Measures: 15'' x 21'' x 6''
Capacity: 1,800 (29 L) expands to 4,000 (65 L)
Bag weight: 4.4lbs (2Kg)

Optional waist belt shown*

Mission Workshop Vandal Backpack -- review by Becky Welbes

After carrying large messenger bags on one shoulder for years, my left shoulder was starting to hurt. I carry everything in my bags, I use them for grocery shopping, packing for races, travel, and daily essentials. I needed a backpack to alleviate some pressure on my left side, and I was looking for one that could hold a lot, but not be too big. I've found that a lot of the large messenger-style backpacks are wide and awkward, especially for a woman's frame. I decided to go with the Mission Workshop Vandal because it has a relatively narrow shape, one that is trapezoidal so that it matches the natural shape of your back. It also zips up and straps down into a smaller bag, then can double in size when you need it. There's an internal frame that makes carrying large loads much easier on your back, as well as adjustable padded straps.

The straps have loops on them that make it easy to attach my essentials, like my phone holder and keys. They also have adjustments on the top, so that if you are carrying a large load and it's obstructing your view or hitting your helmet, you can drop the load down on the straps a little bit. That makes things so much more comfortable! Other highlights for me are the option to add a waistbelt -- something I've decided I need after seeing how much I carry in this bag regularly. I'm also a fan the roll top option, it's made carrying home awkward things like posters or new handlebars much easier. And of course the fact that this bag is entirely waterproof is a win-win.

My only complaint is that all of the pockets are big. I wish there was a small pocket on a flap or something for my smaller stuff. I still find myself carrying my tools, daily essentials, and wallet in separate pouches inside. Other than that, this bag is a workhorse that somehow challenges me to carry more and more in it. I've been able to carry loads that are almost a 1/3 of my body weight and not feel strained. This bag is totally worth the investment! It will last a lifetime, and has already paid for itself in use alone. ThanksVillage Cycle for stocking Mission Workshop bags
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