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Sidi Genius 6.6 SP Carbon Shoes

Sidi Genius 6.6 SP Carbon Shoes
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Just because Sidi's Genius 6.6 SP Carbons took multiple victories in the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia doesn't mean Sidi wouldn't make them even better. Thanks to their carbon soles, these shoes are light and stiff for awesome pedal power, while the breathable Lorica/mesh uppers offer luxurious comfort and keep you cool and dry. Plus, Sidi's Soft Instep Closure System, Caliper buckles, High Security Velcro straps, and Adjustable Heel Retention Device provide a truly custom fit that keeps you feeling great on even your most epic rides. What's more, Sidi's impressively stiff T700 carbon soles are crafted in the same Italian factory that makes Ferrari and Ducati parts so you know these shoes are fast.

To mount your pedal cleats to your shoes (cleats are included with new pedals and sold separately), they must have matching bolt patterns. There are four configurations (diagram) used on cycling shoes, SPD-R, Look/SPD-SL, SPD and Speedplay. Road shoes feature one, two or even three of these. Off-road shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure what pattern your shoes use, please ask us. We're here to help!
Sidi's Carbon SP sole.
Sidi's hand-made Carbon SP soles optimize power transfer and improve comfort. These amazingly stiff platforms deflect just 1.4mm when 110 pounds is suspended from the tip, plus a small degreee of toe flex is built in, relieving stress on the Plantar tendons so you can pedal comfortably mile after mile.
Sidi Soft Instep Closure System
Sidi's Soft Instep Closure System is anatomically shaped to eliminate pressure points in order to provide a snug, secure, and ultra- comfortable fit.

Lorica is a lightweight, flexible, water repellent and breathable material made of the finest microfibers. It's amazingly durable and, like leather, it improves with age.

Sidi Tecno 3 buckles
Sidi's Tecno 3 buckles make it super easy to fine-tune how tight your shoes are even when you're riding. The low-friction wire laces tighten and loosen freely so you can dial in the perfect tension and enjoy total comfort on every ride.

Sidi's Adjustable Heel Retention Device provides a snug, customizable fit around your heels and ensures maximum pedal power. Simply turn the screws in the back of the Retention Device to tighten or loosen the fit and eliminate slippage.

Sidi Fit Relievers
Sidi's Fit Relievers are tiny cuts in the tongues that reduce bulk and keep the tongues from ever rolling over for maximum comfort.

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