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Bike Repair & Service

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At Village Cycle Center, you’ll find Chicago’s best bicycle technicians, comprehensive bike repair and maintenance packages, and other wheel, suspension, and bicycle packing and shipping service options. Our friendly, professional mechanics are here to answer all of your service questions - stop by for a free, no obligation estimate today, and roll out with a bike that feels like new!

Fall Tune-Up Package Specials

20% OFF on any tune-up package this fall! You've been riding more than ever this year and it's time to give your bike the attention it deserves. Show your bike some love so you can roll out with a bike that feels like new! Offer ends December 1st.

Basic Tune-Up


Single Speed Bicycle - $60

  • Adjustment of shifting and braking systems
  • Truing/aligning wheels (re-tensioning spokes)
  • Tightening and adjustment of bearing points, including cranks, pedals, hubs, headset, and bottom brackets
  • Lubrication of drive train
  • Lubrication of cables, as needed
  • Inflation of tires
  • Wipe-down of bicycle

Full Service Tune-Up


Single Speed Bicycle - $100

  • Installation and adjustment of removed parts
  • New derailleur cables and housing
  • Lubrication of cables, as needed
  • Inflation of tires
  • Wipe-down of bicycle frame and parts
  • Free readjustment after 30 days to accommodate cable stretch

Complete Overhaul


Single Speed Bicycle - $190

  • Removal of chain, cassette, derailleurs, and cranks (cleaned in our water-based bio-solvent machine to remove grime)
  • Removal and overhaul of hubs, headset and bottom bracket (includes new ball bearings and grease)
  • New brake/shift cables and housing
  • Lubrication of drivetrain and cables
  • Cleaning and detailing of frame and parts
  • Free adjustment after 30 days to accommodate new cable stretch

Tube, Tire and Wheel Services

Tube and Tire Services

  • Flat Fix (includes new tube)
  • Install Tire
  • Install/Repair Tubular Tire
  • Install Tubeless Tire

Wheel Services

  • Minor Wheel True (tighten spokes)
  • Major Wheel True (install spokes)*
  • Wheel Tensioning
  • Wheel Build (offsite)

Hub Services

  • Adjust Front Hub
  • Adjust Rear Hub
  • Overhaul Front Hub
  • Overhaul Rear Hub

Learn more about our Bontrager Speciality Wheel Service Offerings

*Cost of replacement parts not included

Suspension Services

Complete Suspension Overhaul

  • Includes replacement of air valves, o-rings, bushings, seals, crush washers, and oil

Other Suspension Services

  • Change Oil - Lower Legs
  • Change Travel
  • Replace Damper Rods
  • Replace Lower Legs
  • Repair Damper Assembly
  • Replace CSU Assembly
  • Complete Overhaul- Rear Shock

Bicycle Packing and Shipping Services

Bicycle Pack & Ship

Starting at $190*

  • Professional disassembly, packaging, and boxing of one bicycle
  • Shipping of your bike to anywhere in the United States via FedEx Ground
  • $100 insurance provided by FedEx
  • All bikes shipped in new boxes- ensuring that FedEx insurance is met

Bicycle Pack


  • Professional disassembly, packaging, and boxing of one bicycle

Bike Boxes

Starting at $25

  • Bike boxes are not included in shipping price:

    • New cardboard bike box: $25

    • Pro-XL case: $229

    • Iron case: $400

Please note:

  • We WILL NOT package any helmets, clothing, shoes, or any other misc. items in the box with the bicycle.
  • We DO NOT ship international
  • Village Cycle Center WILL NOT ship bicycles packed elsewhere

*Shipping price includes FedEx Ground Service. If faster service is required, additional costs will apply.