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New Bike Essentials

Make the Most of Every Mile

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect new bike, it’s time to accessorize your ride so that you’ll be comfortable and safe on every adventure. We’ve included key products for you and your bike - check out our list of recommended items and visit us today for more cycling tips.

For Your Bike

Whether you’re going for long road rides, hitting the trails, or commuting to work, it’s always important to be prepared for the unexpected. Ride with a well-stocked repair kit and keep a few basic tools at home for pre- and post-ride inspections and adjustments.

Multi Purpose Tool
Be prepared to make adjustments on the fly. A bike-specific multi-tool allows you adjust many components, from your seat height to your brakes.

Tire Levers
While possible to remove a tire from your rim with bare hands, it’s not fun. If you get a flat, tire levers will save you time and make your flat repair less frustrating.

Patch Kit
Getting a flat is inevitable with any kind of riding. Patch kits help you fix small holes and punctures for short periods of time until you can replace the tube.

Seat Bag
The easiest way to carry your repair kit is with a seat bag. There are many options and styles for these to fit every kind of bike, so make sure to test one out before you buy.

Whether you ride with tubes or tubeless tires, keep a spare tube with you to make it easy to get back on your bike in the event of a flat.

CO2 Head & Cartridge
CO2 cartridges are small tubes of compressed air that you attach to a CO2 head to quickly fill up a new tube in the event of a flat.

Floor Pumps 
The best way to avoid a flat is to head out with properly inflated tires on every ride. Keep a floor pump at home and be sure to check your tire pressure regularly. It’s normal for tires to lose air over time.

Staying hydrated during your ride is key to having the best riding experience possible. Water bottles are the most common hydration tool, but we also have hydration packs, which are great for mountain biking.

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For Your Body

Gearing up with cycling-specific apparel and on-body accessories is key to being comfortable and safe on your new bike. From reflective commuter gear to breathable fabrics and perfectly padded shorts and gloves, we’ve got you covered.

Cycling Shorts
 Padded bike shorts provide support to your sit bones and wick away moisture to prevent chafing, making for a more comfortable ride. A good pair of padded shorts or two is an investment well worth making.

Cycling Jerseys 
 Short sleeve jerseys are rich in features such as lightweight, moisture wicking fabrics, reflectivity for safety, and back pockets for easy storage and access during your ride.

Cycling Outerwear 
Don’t let our lovely Chicago weather keep you off of your bike. Our selection of cycling jackets and vests take the sting out of the storm with breathable yet water and wind resistant materials.

Cycling Gloves
Even on smooth roads, your hands, shoulders, and neck can experience fatiguing vibration. We have fingerless and full finger padded gloves to dampen vibration and protect you no matter where you ride.

Bike Helmets
Even if you have a helmet, refreshing this vital piece of safety equipment every couple of years is important. Not only does technology improve, but the materials in your head degrade over time, making a new helmet a wise purchase with your new bike.

Cycling Shoes 
Featuring stiff soles and durable uppers, cycling shoes are designed to improve your comfort and efficiency on every ride.

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