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Pinhead Locking Skewer 2 Pack - Front & Rear Wheel

Pinhead Locking Skewer 2 Pack - Front & Rear Wheel
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Pinhead offers you the ideal solution to bicycle wheel theft, with their 2 pack lock set. The 2 Pack includes a front and rear wheel locking skewers, with each lock operated using a unique multi combination key, to ensure the security of your wheels at a fraction of their replacement cost.

Defeat Bike Thieves! SECURE Your Components

Ever locked up your bike with a U-lock and returned to find your wheels, seat, and handlebars stolen?

The Pinhead patented locking fastener system secures your individual bike components from theft. Unlike a conventional U-lock, which only secures your bike frame, the Pinhead component locking system locks your front wheel, rear wheel, seat, and forks to your bicycle frame.

Each Pinhead locking component replaces the standard parts that your bike is assembled with. Install the locking components, then forget they’re there. Once installed, the Pinhead locking System remains on your bicycle when you ride, protecting your components from theft. If you do need to remove a component for bike maintenance, a unique locking key lets you easily and quickly remove any component.

Send bike thieves away empty-handed.

Part Numbers

LK2080 LK2080